6 selections of dentures starting as low as $299 per plate at select locations.

A temporary denture is worn during the healing time after having teeth extracted. An impression is taken prior to your extractions and the temporary denture is made. This temporary denture is taken to the oral surgeon on the day of the extractions and it is inserted. We ask that you wear the temporary denture for two to three months during the healing time. Included with the temporary are 2 free tissue conditions that help the plate to fit and also aid in healing.

We offer many different styles of partials including acrylic flippers, metal frame partials, Flexite, Lucitone FRS. Since there are many different types of partials and many different reasons for partials, a consultation is necessary to quote a price. There is no charge for this consultation.

There are two types of relines, Processed and Chair Side. If scheduled in advance they are done as a same day service. Processed takes approximately 5 to 6 hours and Chair Side takes approximately 1 hour.

Most repairs can be done in one hour depending on the difficulty of the repair. No appointment is necessary and an exact time that the repair will be completed will be given when the denture is brought in.