What is the suggested waiting period after extractions?
Our doctors prefer that you wait at least eight weeks if you've had more than 4 teeth extracted. Although your oral surgeon or dentist may release you earlier, taking an impression too soon may result in a poor fit. Since everyone heals differently we would be happy to schedule you for a free consultation with our doctor to discuss your individual situation prior to our recommended healing time

Can I get a denture immediately?
We no longer use an immediate denture because of possible problems with long term fit and appearance. Our recommendation would be to use a temporary denture that consists of 6 front teeth with acrylic bite pads for chewing. Also included are two CoComfort relines, which is a tissue conditioner to help you heal. We ask that you wear the temporary denture for 2 or 3 months or longer before getting your permanent denture

What is the procedure for making dentures?
In most cases a patient is seen at an early morning appointment to enable us to complete 3 steps during this first visit.

1) Impression-We make a customized mold of the mouth
2) Bite-Register the position of your ridges
3) Full Try In-Teeth are set in wax and inserted so the patient can see the size, shape, color and position of the teeth, for your approval, before the denture is processed.

This procedure takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. The patient is then scheduled with an appointment to insert the finished denture within one week. On this appointment the finished denture will be checked and any necessary adjustments made.

How do I care for my new denture?
For a healthy mouth and fresh breath dentures should be cleaned daily. In order to avoid breaking the denture, always fill the sink with water and clean your dentures over the sink. Rinse your dentures to remove loose food particles. Use cool or warm water, NEVER hot, as it could warp the denture. Apply a denture-cleaning paste or toothpaste to a moistened denture brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do not use ordinary, bleach, vinegar or soap unless directed by your dentist. Clean all surfaces, not just the teeth. Rinse dentures under the faucet to remove all traces of cleaning paste. At night, soak your dentures in a denture soak. Brush your gums, tongue and palate with a soft-bristled regular toothbrush to remove plaque and stimulate circulation. Then reinsert your denture.

Is an appointment necessary?
In order to service all patients in a timely manner, we recommend scheduling an appointment.

How can I pay for my denture?
We accept PA Medical Assistance, Med +, Gateway and most dental insurance.
We accept Master Card, Visa, Check or Cash. We require 50% down on your impression date and the balance at insertion.

How does Medical Assistance and Insurance work?
Medical Assistance, Med + and Gateway will pay for a denture every five years. A patients needs to call our office with their recipient number and we will call Medical Assistance to verify patient is covered with the right plan. If they are, we will call the patient and schedule them for a Preauthorization that consists of an exam and X Rays. This report is then sent to Medical Assistance and after we receive their approval we can start the denture.

Dental Insurance can be used three different ways.
1.) A patient can Pre pay for their denture and we then submit a claim to the insurance company. We would start the denture immediately.
2.) A patient can also choose to do a Preauthorization to your insurance company. With this procedure a patient comes in and fills out paper work that we send to the insurance company, then we wait for the written report to come back from the insurance company stating what they will pay. The patient then only pays the difference. We cannot start the denture until the report comes back, which, depending on the insurance company, can take 4 to 6 weeks.
3.) A patient can pay a $75.00 deposit and we would do an Impression and bite. Then we would wait for the Insurance Pre Auth to come back and do the Full Try In and Insertion.

When should I replace my denture?
The ADA recommends that all dentures be checked every 5 to 8 years for fit and functionality. They should also be checked if your denture is worn, ill fitting or any of the following conditions exist, sore spots, difficulty chewing, slurred speech, dentures whistle or click, sunken mouth or cheeks.

What is a Reline and when is it necessary?
A reline creates a better fit when your denture is loose or ill fitting. . An impression is taken of your denture and a liner is added.