K&C Denture Centers, Inc.
Keeping You Smiling for over 25 Years

Financing Available

K&C's philosophy is that everyone who needs dentures should be able to afford them regardless of their income.

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We pride ourselves in offering high quality dentures at prices far less than others. Steady growth since 1983, making approximately 7000 dentures per year enables us to keep our cost down.

Quality and customer satisfaction go hand in hand!
Ken Biddle and Larry Weaver, K&C's Head Lab Technicians believe that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Every denture made goes through a four step procedure consisting of an Impression, Bite, Full Try In, and Insertion. The Full Try In is especially important because the teeth chosen by the patient are set in wax and inserted so the patient can see what the denture looks like before it is processed.

K&C Denture offers a large selection of dentures to fit all needs and incomes.